Welcome to August!

At the Denver Aquarium

Today marks the beginning of the end of summer. By the end of the month, students will be back in school and the feeling of the city will vastly change. We’ve had a downpour for days to cool off the main heat of July, and it’s time to look at harvesting and canning.

Last weekend my parents came out to visit, I had a house-warming bbq celebration, and I discovered that the tree in my yard, all scraggly and overgrown, is actually a plum-tree. I love plums! I also went to the Denver Aquarium for a friend’s birthday, which is where I found the lovely mermaid bench I’m reclining on in the picture above.

I have had plenty of luck finding new recipes, trying new restaurants, and enjoying Boulder life. I think I’ve been on Pearl St. more in the last two months than I had in seven years of living in Colorado. That’s right, last week marked me being here for 7 years! It’s amazing how much can happen. It really doesn’t feel any different from when I first arrived, other than I know my way around on all the buses now. 🙂

I’ve started dancing again, and climbing. I’m a happy Patty. My plan for tonight? Either a dinner out or trying a new brownie recipe, and possibly a new refrigerator dill pickle recipe. Either way, it will be a good evening!



Bubble Run
Bubble Run with Boulder County Derby Lite

Lots of changes have happened. I started this as an experiment, to see how it would look and feel, if I wanted to keep posting, what I wanted to write…and I had a partner who was interested in writing with me. Maybe doing a joint adventure blog or something. Which I think still sounds pretty cool, but I’m on my own for this leg of the adventure! You never know, maybe I’ll get lucky and there will be someone else who is interested in something like this. Or not. Either way, adventure!

In the meantime, no worries. You make your own luck and it is a sunshine-tastic day here in Boulder. The summer is going well; I took a trip to NYC, and have made a couple trips to St. Louis already. It’s getting closer to canning time, I’m enjoying grill season, and planning a bbq in another couple weeks. I’m doing my first 5k, the Bubble Run in Denver. I’m still skating with Derby Lite Boulder County. The world is good.

Windy Day

Yesterday, I got in just over 20 miles on my bicycle. Actually, all of my bikes were on the road that day (excepting my mountain bike) as my wonderful fellow had buddies in town who wanted to come along. With gusts up to 50mph, we had some downhill slopes that felt like the worst uphill you’ve ever slogged through. When we turned out of the wind at last, I felt like I hardly had to pedal at all to fly up that first hill.

We rode to breakfast in the morning at Lucille’s, then back home for a quick nap and prep for the longer ride. We went the long way around from Longmont to Hygiene, looping back through Longmont to head to Oskar Blues, then from OB to Left Hand Brewery (where Team Paddle dominated at bean-bags), and finally on to home.

Saturday, we snowboarded the last day at Eldora. What an end to my first season! As soon as I check out the videos/pictures from my GoPro, I may pick some fun ones out to post.

And now, we are back to the real world, which means work. And even more snow, surprisingly enough. A different kind of April shower, right?


That was thrilling

My first cycling team ride went incredibly well! I got in just under 18 miles, with a top speed of 28 miles per hour. I learned how to draft today (huge for group rides!) and got lots of good tips. Also, the weather cooperated beautifully! I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. I met some new ladies, and the six of us rode around for a good hour, plus a bit more. 🙂 And the majority of the trip we took today was to places I hadn’t ever been, roads I’ve never been down before. Who could ask for a better first experience?


And now, I’m in the mood for baking. I’m thinking oatmeal cookies, since it has been a looong time since I have made those. Which gets me thinking about a lot of options: I have been reading up a lot lately on how to do better meal planning, saving money at the grocery store, freezing items, and in general, eating healthier. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, though I do love some v friendly dishes (and I just got the Veganomicon – squee!) and would like to cook more of them. I am particularly interested in how to spend more time cooking at home with my partner – we both love to cook and he actually enjoys doing dishes, which is only one of the many many reasons why I am a damn lucky girl – and how to have enough ready-to-go meals and snacks prepared when we don’t have the time we need. Cooking larger batches and freezing them is an easy way to go about it, but how to ensure you have the variety that we are fortunate enough to enjoy? Plus, he is a snacking fiend, so I will need to figure out how to break up the meal-sized items and have some snack-sizes as well.

It certainly helps that I have a deep freeze, enjoy canning, and we both love to experiment with different foods.

I’m looking forward to it!