Weaving in the New Year

So, time to try again to keep up with a blog. I figure for a while at least, I’ll focus on the crafty things! But first, a bit of catch up: I got married on top of a mountain in May, traveled to 5 different countries (Costa Rica, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Austria) from June-September, played in an international hockey tournament, and for the most part had a very wonderful 2016.

And I’ve been knitting a sweater, which is wonderful, but I got the itch to weave. If you have looked at my instagram at all you have seen a good portion of the process, warping, and beginning to weave. I started off using some handspun, settled in with a variegated weft, and am now working with white to really set off the green pattern (one called M’s and W’s if you were curious). It is a meditative thing, to sit and weave. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts so I can concentrate on my treadling. I tried watching a show and weaving last night and wound up having to undo about an inch of work!


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