Snowboarding, Babies, Alumni Events

I have been having a fantastic New Year! The holidays were full of snowboarding, puppysitting, cooking fantastic meals and cookies, and a baby-watch.

The new mommy with the sweater I knit for Penny.

My good friend was due today, but when she started having early contractions, asked if I could watch her son if the time came early. I got the call yesterday, just after lunch, and little Penny arrived at 3:32 that afternoon!


The snowboarding has been fantastic: Winter Park, Eldora, Copper Mountain, and Loveland. Though there was a hiccup in Loveland: Josh ate a piece of cinnamon bread that must have had nuts in it, because he started having a bad allergic reaction. He got a ride down the mountain in the medics’ toboggan! Luckily, it was not a severe reaction so he was firmly instructed to get an epipen, but they let us take some benadryl and go home. He recovered over the course of the day and now we’ve got an upcoming trip to Crested Butte planned. We got a dog-friendly hotel and just found a puppy daycare for Tessa so she can come with us. She loves the snow!

Tessa enjoying the dog park

Now I’ve got a MarooNation event this Saturday. It is nice to find other transplants out here. I came to Colorado for graduate school immediately after graduating from SMSU/Missouri State University (the name change happened in the middle of my undergraduate career there). Last time I went to one of these alumni gatherings, I was the youngest one there. I wonder who will show up this time!

Friday is always a good day, and I’m looking forward to the alumni dinner tomorrow, to meeting a darling new little one, snowboarding and cheering on Josh at his hockey game on Sunday! And I found a cream cheese-filled banana bread recipe to try, so I can bring some to the lucky parents. Yummy.

Happy Holidays from us to you!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and is having a fantastic New Year!


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