Bubble Run
Bubble Run with Boulder County Derby Lite

Lots of changes have happened. I started this as an experiment, to see how it would look and feel, if I wanted to keep posting, what I wanted to write…and I had a partner who was interested in writing with me. Maybe doing a joint adventure blog or something. Which I think still sounds pretty cool, but I’m on my own for this leg of the adventure! You never know, maybe I’ll get lucky and there will be someone else who is interested in something like this. Or not. Either way, adventure!

In the meantime, no worries. You make your own luck and it is a sunshine-tastic day here in Boulder. The summer is going well; I took a trip to NYC, and have made a couple trips to St. Louis already. It’s getting closer to canning time, I’m enjoying grill season, and planning a bbq in another couple weeks. I’m doing my first 5k, the Bubble Run in Denver. I’m still skating with Derby Lite Boulder County. The world is good.


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