Going to start something

For a long time, I have been thinking about starting a new venture. I have made items on commission before – a hat here, a poncho there, some wristwarmers, etc. I have sold my handspun yarn through the annual sale of the Boulder Handweavers Guild. And I have been toying with the idea of an Etsy shop for quite a bit! I started drawing little logos back in 2008 (before learning that the name I had hoped for was already taken).

Now I think it may be time. I am working on a bit of inventory – hand-woven scarves, perhaps some fingerless mitts, woven bags, even some little ‘mountain monsters’. I love spinning, weaving, quilting, knitting and crocheting and have even tried my hand at felting. This is the year to make it happen!

I have found a new name, I am working on a new design, and I am excited!

Flatiron Fiberworks – coming soon!


The Man in Black

I have always loved The Princess Bride. I love the movie, I love the book, I have multiple copies of each. Last night, I was lucky enough to meet Cary Elwes through getting a VIP ticket to watch The Princess Bride at the Paramount in Denver. It was a great experience, with everyone quoting the movie together as it played, and a Q&A session afterwards. I wore the closest thing I have to a Buttercup dress. After that, I got an autographed book, two hugs and a conversation with the man himself, as well as a professional picture:

Cary Elwes and me
Cary and Patty

I am so ridiculously happy that I can hardly describe it. He shook my hand and hugged me during our introduction. I told him how I incorporated The Princess Bride into my wedding, and how my baby sister (who had done the ‘Mawwaige’ speech at my reception once upon a time) was getting married in just over a week. He said to pass along his best wishes and how happy he was that she had found her ‘twu wuv.’ And then I got another hug. I am still over the moon that I finally met this man, whom I have loved forever.

Weaving in the New Year

So, time to try again to keep up with a blog. I figure for a while at least, I’ll focus on the crafty things! But first, a bit of catch up: I got married on top of a mountain in May, traveled to 5 different countries (Costa Rica, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Austria) from June-September, played in an international hockey tournament, and for the most part had a very wonderful 2016.

And I’ve been knitting a sweater, which is wonderful, but I got the itch to weave. If you have looked at my instagram at all you have seen a good portion of the process, warping, and beginning to weave. I started off using some handspun, settled in with a variegated weft, and am now working with white to really set off the green pattern (one called M’s and W’s if you were curious). It is a meditative thing, to sit and weave. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts so I can concentrate on my treadling. I tried watching a show and weaving last night and wound up having to undo about an inch of work!

Lots and lots of change

This year has brought a lot of changes, as the title states! I fell on the ice in February and partially tore my MCL, which lead to the doctors discovering that I didn’t have either ACL and that those have been gone (most likely) since my initial injuries as a very young teenager. Not having them for 15+ years probably helped, as my leg muscles grew to compensate for their lack and my recovery from both surgeries has been going really really well. Like, crazy fast recovery when it should be taking 6 months a pop.

Then, there was also the house-hunt, which ended happily in June! We closed on a beautiful beginning home on June 30 and have now been in the house for just over a month!

What else happened in June? Other than the second knee surgery and all that goes with buying a house? My wonderful fellow proposed! The ring was a special design and used stones we already had. 🙂20150628_131101

Why reuse stones? Because we had them for one, and because he wanted to do something different and give me a gift rather than just a ring. Something that I would use and love, that would last…so he got me a marvelous loom. A Schacht Mighty Wolf to be exact. My first project was during the recovery from the surgery and I made a set of napkins/towels for our new home. Here is the unwarped loom after it arrived at the old house; and Tessa along with my new wrapped-up-in-ice knee, and a freshly hemmed stack of newly woven napkins:



We are planning a 2016 May wedding. We have our ceremony site already, and are nearly good to go on the reception. He asked his best man a full couple weeks before he proposed to me. And I am so very very happy! IMG_2693

Snowboarding, Babies, Alumni Events

I have been having a fantastic New Year! The holidays were full of snowboarding, puppysitting, cooking fantastic meals and cookies, and a baby-watch.

The new mommy with the sweater I knit for Penny.

My good friend was due today, but when she started having early contractions, asked if I could watch her son if the time came early. I got the call yesterday, just after lunch, and little Penny arrived at 3:32 that afternoon!


The snowboarding has been fantastic: Winter Park, Eldora, Copper Mountain, and Loveland. Though there was a hiccup in Loveland: Josh ate a piece of cinnamon bread that must have had nuts in it, because he started having a bad allergic reaction. He got a ride down the mountain in the medics’ toboggan! Luckily, it was not a severe reaction so he was firmly instructed to get an epipen, but they let us take some benadryl and go home. He recovered over the course of the day and now we’ve got an upcoming trip to Crested Butte planned. We got a dog-friendly hotel and just found a puppy daycare for Tessa so she can come with us. She loves the snow!

Tessa enjoying the dog park

Now I’ve got a MarooNation event this Saturday. It is nice to find other transplants out here. I came to Colorado for graduate school immediately after graduating from SMSU/Missouri State University (the name change happened in the middle of my undergraduate career there). Last time I went to one of these alumni gatherings, I was the youngest one there. I wonder who will show up this time!

Friday is always a good day, and I’m looking forward to the alumni dinner tomorrow, to meeting a darling new little one, snowboarding and cheering on Josh at his hockey game on Sunday! And I found a cream cheese-filled banana bread recipe to try, so I can bring some to the lucky parents. Yummy.

Happy Holidays from us to you!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and is having a fantastic New Year!


Tomorrow I will turn 30. Seems like a big thing, right?

And I suppose it is. But rather than being upset at this milestone of life, I took the chance to reflect back a bit, and I think I’ve come a long way!

In my thirty years so far, I’ve gotten an excellent education, a BA and an MA, I can read and speak multiple languages, and I’ve traveled to amazing places and all over these United States- though not quite to all 50 yet! I’ve been scuba diving and sky diving, I’ve road-tripped and cycled, I’ve played all kinds of sports, I do roller derby, and I’ve camped and climbed and hiked for days. I’ve taken the fleece from a sheep and created garments, I’ve cooked and baked, brewed, and even made cheeses; I’ve sung for hundreds of people at once, I’ve been on TV, I’ve been the opening model in a fashion show, I have danced and acted and reveled in the applause after a show or a tour. I have fallen in love and out of love, I’ve been married, divorced, engaged, heartsore and broken, hopeful and happy. I have been single and lived alone. I have lived with complete strangers and friends and crazy housemates. I have moved away from everyone I knew and started over. I have had some lovely pets, including my fur babies Haley (now gone from my side) and my dear Tessa:20140913_162128

I have amazing friends, a supportive and loving family, awesome coworkers at my great job, and a crazy bunch of internet peeps who listen to me (I’m looking at you LSG!). I have taken these two lovely ladies dress shopping more than I can even count!


I know that I want to keep traveling, keep experiencing everything I can. I want to keep learning, to keep singing, to keep loving life. I didn’t fill out a pre-30 checklist or anything like that; I just lived. And tomorrow will be a beautiful day!

I can breathe again!

You know when you wake up on Friday morning with a sore throat, hoping it will pass? Yeah, that didn’t happen. It progressed into a full-blown sore throat, coughing, sneezing, stuffed-up sinuses, head cold, complete with fever and knocked me out for most of the weekend and into this week.

But people are awesome. I had company, soups brought to my door, teas and crackers, and one marvelous fellow even took my Tessa on a hike so I could rest without worrying about taking care of her for a day! I’m back to work now, if not completely up to snuff, but getting better every day. I am so grateful to have my friends; you guys take care of me.

Y’all rock my socks right off!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yes, I got challenged, and yes, I participated, but I tried to do it a little differently. Why have so few people actually tried to explain what ALS is? Well, give my video a watch and see if that helps out at all.

I also used collected rainwater for my bucket and stood in my dog’s kiddie pool so that nothing was wasted. You can even see Tessa, my Aussie Kelpie, wander in and out of the video.

I hope you enjoy it and consider giving to your charity of choice. If you want more information about ALS, or how to donate, please visit alsa.org.

Books, Yarn, and Passports

I am very happy to continue on the August Awesomeness in many ways: my sweet pup is becoming a Frisbee queen, jumping this way and that to catch her favorite toy. The Frisbee is also pretty close to dead, but what can you do? It is guaranteed ‘indestructible’ so whenever it finally gives up the ghost, I can turn in the remnants and get another!

I have been reading Ender’s Game lately, and am now nearly through Speaker for the Dead. What took me so long to read these?! Also, a side note: a great way to get on my even-better-than-good side is to give me good books to read. It’s a great way to share interests, always have a topic of conversation, and it makes my inner academic giddy with happy feels!

As for the yarn, I’m working on a few crafty projects. My main one is a poncho that was commissioned at the beginning of the summer. Now that I’m not out of state every few weeks (or more often), I’m finally making headway. It’s about 75% finished now and I’m hoping to get it done in the next week or so. Then I’ll post a picture! The yarn is mohair from Turkey, in a forest green. It’s a joy!

My other activity for the month? I’m going to make a push to fill out the rest of my Boulder Passport. So far, I’ve hit 11 of the 40 locations, so it is going to be difficult but I think it is doable. Lucky me, that I have friends willing to pitch in! The Passport has really encouraged me to get out and explore more of what Boulder has to offer. I’ve spent more time on Pearl Street this summer than I have in the last several years of being here!

I’ve got 2 months and 3 days left before turning thirty. Here’s to hoping the days will be packed!

A Very Productive Friday Night

Every now and again, even the most outgoing extrovert needs a night in to relax…and to try out new recipes! Remember me mentioning the pickles and brownies? Well, I made them and took it one better by fixing some kale chips, too.

I started off with some kale, grabbed on sale from Lucky’s. I figured since they had the least amount of prep and cook-time, it would be the perfect beginning (and provide a snack while I finished the other items!).

20140801_180706I washed and dried the kale in my trusty spinner, cut the stems, and pulled it into pieces. I arranged them on the pan, spritzed them with olive oil and seasoned them with Tony’s before popping them in the oven (275*F). After 10 minutes, I flipped them, spritzed them, and seasoned the other side. After a mere 20 minutes total, they were ready. Delicious, if a bit over-seasoned! Live and learn.

20140801_190117Then, I got started on the brownies and the pickles. The pickles were made from a simple refrigerator recipe that I cut in half. I had a half-liter ball jar, 4 medium cucumbers from my sister’s garden (thanks, beautiful!), some pickling salt, white vinegar, and some freshly chopped dill. As the salt wilted the slices, I was able to put more in, so I did use every slice of the cucumbers after all.


And finally, the brownies. I even splurged and used my dark chocolate from Iceland to make them extra-chocolate-y!
20140801_182653 The recipe made a bit more batter than I anticipated, so I was lucky enough to have not only a pan of brownies, but an entire pan of mini-brownie muffins, too. I bumped the oven up a bit, and popped them in.

20140801_185816It was perfect timing, too! I met my new neighbors and was able to give them rich, freshly baked brownies to welcome them. The old neighbors were moving out, and I was able to send them along with mini brownies. All in all, it was a fantastic Friday night.